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How to put a boy in the corner. Peter Rauch "Punishing the Child." The New York Times, August 30, 1996, at, (cited May 16, 2007). Playing games with a boy is usually nice, and it's all right to treat the boy as a toy, an extension of yourself or the world. But it's another matter entirely to play with the child in ways that he doesn't want to be played with. "Play," per Paul Vitz, "is supposed to be the opposite of work.". Pundits are right to be excited by the prospect of a Bush presidency, because it signifies a return to traditional American values of frugality, hard work, fair play, freedom and modest living, as celebrated in song by Irving Berlin, the Bronte sisters and Doris Day. The election of the same un-Christian loser as president in 2000 will probably mark the end of those American values as we know them. The cultural and political elite are losing interest in anything but their own interest.. Eddy Arnold "A Boy Named Sue," on recording for RCA Victor Records (cited May 14, 2007), (as per my SOURCE). Not everyone thinks like that. You're not a "winner" by playing games with others or the real world. Saying "No" is a loser. "The only things we need are the ones we can see." -- Robert F. Rinaldini "War Games" All That You Do is Crime. Show your face in public with your wife and you'll be arrested. Show your face in public without your wife and you'll be arrested. It's that simple. Realize this simple fact: when you go to work in the morning, the first two hours of your day are spent in public. You're dressed. You're in a line. You're at your place of employment. You're in a public area. Do you ever think about that in the morning? If you do, you're a loser. Do you sit down at your place of business every day with a firm belief that you will have a productive day? If you do, you're a loser. If you don't, then you need to work on your attitude. Have a firm belief in yourself every morning, because the more you believe in yourself, the more effective you can be in your ability to get through the day. Whatever job you hold, whatever job you do, that's your occupation. You are your occupation. --




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Eva Ionesco Playboy 1976 Italianrar

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